Household registration campaign in full swing

ISLAMABAD:Islamabad Capital Police have launched the 'Knock the Door' campaign, intensifying efforts to register both employees as well as tenants and maintain high vigilance in the city.

This initiative is currently in full operation, a police spokesperson said adding that multiple teams from the Islamabad Capital Police are actively visiting neighborhoods and conducting door-to-door registrations. Their mission extends beyond registration, as they also seek to address any concerns or issues faced by the citizens.

Notably, the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) Islamabad has successfully recorded data for 164 domestic workers across 519 residences within the jurisdiction of Sumbal Police Station during the last 24 hours.

The primary objective of this campaign is to enhance public safety and maintain law and order in the federal capital.

Registering tenants and domestic workers not only enables close monitoring of individuals but also serves as a preventative measure against suspicious activities.

Citizens are urged to exercise caution when individuals in civilian attire visit their homes for data collection purposes. Requesting proper identification is encouraged to ensure authenticity.

The Islamabad Capital Police is committed to creating a secure environment for the residents of the federal capital, utilizing all available resources to mitigate potential risks associated with unregistered employees and tenants, such as theft and robbery.