KP Health Deptt issues advisory guidelines for preventing ophthalmia epidemic

PESHAWAR:The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Health Department has issued advisory guidelines for preventing the ophthalmia (pink-eye) epidemic that spread across the province.

In a notification issued here to the entire medical superintendents here on Saturday directed to display banners on prominent places depicting necessary preventive measures for preventing ophthalmia.

It has also been directed to ensure availability of stock medicines and to adopt precautionary measures against the epidemic for hospitals' employees.

The KP Health Deptt. has also devised a comprehensive plan to start an awareness campaign against the pink-eye epidemic in government schools.

Meanwhile, the medical experts appealed to people to avoid rubbing the affected eye with their hands and ensure their hands hygeine.

They asked to use a clean towel and not to share it with anyone. Women have also been instructed to avoid use of cosmetics being used in eye makeup to protect against the disease.

The steps have been taken in view of the increasing number of pink-eye affected patients in the hospitals specially school going children.