Mangla Dam’s water level rises as Himalayan snow melts

MIRPUR-AJK: The water level in Mangla Dam has begun to rise bringing relief to officials who were concerned about the dam's impending seasonal dryness. According to official sources, on Monday, the water level reached 1085.40 feet, up from 1085.40 feet on Friday. This increase is attributed to the melting of snowfall in the upper reaches of Jammu and Kashmir, which has resulted in increased river flows. The inflow into the dam was recorded at 58800 cusecs, while the outflow was 29000 cusecs. The dam's live storage capacity has now reached 0.227 MAF. Earlier this year, Mangla Dam was on the verge of seasonal dryness, reaching a low of 1050 feet on March 29. However, the recent inflows have brought much-needed relief. The rising water level in Mangla Dam is a positive, as it will help to meet the country's water needs during the upcoming summer months.