Maroof Int’l Hospital opens urgent care centre

ISLAMABAD:Maroof International Hospital (MIH) on Friday launched urgent care centre in Top City Islamabad to serve the nearby population and provide them standard medical services on nominal rates.

Addressing the launching ceremony, Chairman Maroof Int’l Hospital, Ch. Naseer Ahmed urged his team to arrange free medical camps in the vicinity so that the marginalized community without access to quality healthcare may benefit from Maroof urgent care center.

He said that the hospital administration is committed to provide the best possible health care in the region with an aim to ensure a standard of care which is world class. He added the hospital is striving to remain a state of the art facility and to provide a congenial and pleasant environment for staff, patients and their relatives.

CEO of Maroof Int’l Hospital, Haroon Naseer said, there are plans to further develop the center to include a vast range of on spot diagnostic services and the capability to deal with most emergency cases.

He appreciated that services are provided as per the same quality standards as in the big hospitals but at very subsidized rates.

He said that the MIH’s ICU is one of the basic necessities of the hospital both in the public and private set up. He added MIH has esteem ICU which is fully equipped with all the required specialized equipment to be used for the critical care of the patients.

He said that Maroof research department is committed to patient-centered translational research, through capacity building and conduct of ethical studies. “We hope to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in health sciences through the provision of research education for multidisciplinary health professionals, not limited to Maroof International Hospital.”

Haroon Naseer said, “We are committed to reviewing all health related research proposals emanating from the Maroof team and to make recommendations for amendments and approval after following all the institutional review board and ethics committee required procedures.

“Our scope is also extendable to collaborative international, national and local health related research with a particular emphasis on Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) approved clinical trials.”

He said that MIH’s accident and emergency department is a medical treatment facility, specializing in acute care of patients who present without prior appointment, either by their own means or by ambulance. “Due to the unplanned nature of patient attendance, we provide initial treatment for a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries, some of which may be life-threatening.”

Haroon Nasser said, “Our emergency departments operate 24 hours a day. We have best personnel of Consultants, Medical Officers, Staff Nurses and Other paramedical staff, who are always available to serve the patient in their best capacity and capability.”

Director of Maroof Int’l Hospital, Dr. Mir Whaeed Medical highlighted the services offered which included first aid care, fracture and light trauma care, lab facility and general practitioner’s availability.

He said that residents of the societies, laborers working on developing the area and indigenous people of the vicinity will have all benefit from the subsidized medical services available at the center.