Nisar Usmani Award conferred upon A. Majeed Gill

BAHAWALPUR Veteran Journalist and Ex-President, Bahawalpur Union of Journalists (BhUJ), A. Majeed Gill was conferred upon the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists' (PFUJ) Nisar Usmani Award in a ceremony held here on Thursday. According to a press release issued here, the ceremony was held at Bahawalpur Press Club (Registered) premises. It is recalled here that the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists had elected a veteran journalist and senior associate of Minhaj Barna for Nisar Usmani Award. Earlier, the award was planned to be presented to A. Majeed Gill at the meeting of the Federal Executive Committee (FEC) of PFUJ which was recently held in Abbotabad. Due to ailment, A. Majeed Gill could not proceed to Abbotabad and later, it was planned to present the award to him in Bahawalpur. Prominent personalities, intellectuals and senior journalist leaders attended the ceremony that was organized by Bahawalpur Union of Journalists (BhUJ). Speaking at the ceremony, a senior leader of the Pakistan Federal Un ion of Journalists (PFUJ) and Member of the Federal Executive Committee of PFUJ, Muhammad Amin Abbasi paid rich tributes to veteran journalist, A. Majeed Gill. 'A. Majeed Gill is an institute for students of journalism and model for journalists' community due to his decades' long journalistic career,' he said. Chairman, Media Studies Department, Islamia University Bahawalpur (IUB), Prof-Dr. Muhammad Shehzad Rana also paid rich tributes to A. Majeed Gill said he remained a student of Mr. Gill. 'It is an honour for me that veteran journalist, A. Majeed Gill taught us the subject of journalism at Islamia University Bahawalpur'. Director, the Directorate of Public Relations Department, Government of Punjab, Dr. Nasir Hameed has said that A. Majeed Gill was a personality who earned a good name and fame in the field of journalism. 'A. Majeed Gill is one of those journalist leaders who focused on only good names in the field of journalism,' he said. Director, the Public Relations Department, Islamia University Ba hawalpur, Shehzad Khalid has said that he learned from the dynamic personality of A. Majeed Gill who introduced a remarkable style in the field of journalism. 'It is honour for IUB that A. Majeed Gill also taught at the Media Studies Department of the varsity,' he said. Member, FEC of PFUJ, Muhammad Amjd Awan said that A. Majeed Gill has a prolonged career serving as a journalist leader who had run a decades-long struggle for the protection of the rights of the journalists' community. General Secretary, Bahawalpur Union of Journalists, Rashid Aziz Hashmi said that A. Majeed Gill was a personality who had command of writing and filing news stories following principles and ethics of journalism. President, Bahawalpur Union of Journalists, Muhammad Akbar Sheikh said that it was honor for the journalists' community of Bahawalpur that veteran journalist; A. Majeed Gill had been awarded Nisar Usmani Award for his prolonged struggle for the noble cause of the protection of rights of journalists. He thanked the cen tral leadership of PFUJ for awarding such award to senior journalist leader, A. Majeed Gill. It is mentioned here that veteran journalist, A. Majeed Gill has been serving in the field of journalism for the last six decades. He was one of the founding members of PFUJ and a very close friend to Minhaj Barna, the founder of PFUJ. He had run a prolonged struggle for the protection of the rights of the journalists' community under the auspices of PFUJ. He had also taught subject of journalism at Media Studies Department of Islamia University Bahawalpur (IUB) for several years. He had been enjoying the title of 'Baba'aey Sahafat Bahawalpur'.

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