Two fleeing ‘dacoits’, man killed in accident

LAHORE:Two alleged dacoits and a common citizen were killed in a road accident in Shadbagh area, here on Wednesday.

Police said that three armed men were fleeing after looting people in Mughalpura, Fatehgarh, Tajpura and adjacent areas. They opened fire at a Dolphin team, which was chasing it. However, the law-enforcers continued chase of robbers.

Later, the motorcycle of robbers collided with a damaged tractor-trolley on the Shadbagh service road due to high speed. As a result, two robbers were killed on-the-spot and one was injured. A citizen was killed and another injured after the trolley fell on them after being hit by robbers motorcycle.

The Dolphin police recovered mobile-phones, watches, cash and weapons from two dead and one arrested robber.