Youth, women urged to play imperative role in mitigating effects of global warming

CHITRAL The speakers and experts at a seminar on Thursday urged the youth and women to play their important role in mitigating the negative effects of global warming and climate change, reducing damage from natural calamities by planting as many trees as possible. The speakers of the seminar on 'Youth for a Cooler Planet' also urged the government to provide cheap electricity or gas as an alternative fuel to the people of Chitral and other mountainous areas to minimize the burden on forests and prevent losses in natural calamities. In this seminar, environmentalist Hamid Ahmad Mir presented on the effects of climate change on the environment and the changes that have occurred globally due to it. Experts noted that thousands of factories in the world's wealthiest countries emit carbon dioxide and poisonous gases and affecting the climate of the whole world especially the developing countries where there are very few factories. Zaheer-ud-din Azim, President of Chitral Press Club, highlighted the GLOF-II pr oject in district Chitral and said that it was an essential project having positive impact in flood-affected areas, adding that the GLOF-II project was aimed to install protective walls, irrigation canals, community halls, and early warning systems in vulnerable areas. The seminar highlighted that people in Chitral often burn wood for cooking and warmth thus putting a burden on forests and negatively impacting the environment. Nasreen Bibi, a social urged the women and children to protect the environment by planting trees and minimizing the excessive use of wood as a fuel.

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