CTD Punjab arrests two terrorists

LAHORE:The Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) Punjab has arrested two terrorists, including the most wanted commander of a banned organisation Daesh, Khalid/ Muhammad Nabi, while conducting two major operations in Rawalpindi/ Islamabad.

According to a spokesman, the CTD Punjab, acting on a tip-off, arrested Khalid/ Muhammad Nabi, who had acquired Pakistani identity card with a fake name. Huge quantity of explosives were recovered from the terrorist, the explosives were to be used in sabotage activities in Rawalpindi.

During investigation, terrorist Khalid/ Muhammad Nabi revealed that six years ago, he was appointed as the Ameer of Daesh (ISIS) Khorasan Dalswali Noor Gul after allegiance of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to the Daesh. The alleged terrorist was involved in the defence and confrontation of the territory occupied by the ISIS.

Khalid/ Muhammad Nabi was arrested by the Afghan forces in 2019 and was also imprisoned in Jalalabad and Pul Charkhi jails. After the Taliban government came to power in 2021, he escaped when the Pul Charkhi jail was broken and illegally entered Pakistan from Afghanistan. Khalid/ Muhammad Nabi acquired a fake identity card in the name of Muhammad Khalid to hide his identity.

In another operation, the CTD Punjab, with the support of an intelligence agency, arrested Daesh terrorist Farooq Abbas of Peshawar, and recovered explosive material from him. The terrorist entered Rawalpindi/ Islamabad with the intention of terrorism. Further investigation is going on with the arrested terrorists.