Foreign investors meet SM Tanveer

LAHORE:A delegation of foreign investors of ready-made garments Primark Company here on Tuesday met with Caretaker Provincial Minister for Industries and Commerce SM Tanveer and discussed investment opportunities in Punjab.

The delegation of Primark Company informed the provincial minister about their company's investments in the textile sector in different countries.

Talking to the delegation, the Minister said that the textile was an important sector of the national economy and also a major source of employment.

The caretaker government of Punjab had taken effective measures to promote the textile sector. He said that there were excellent investment opportunities for domestic and foreign investors in the Special Economic Zones of Punjab.

Foreign investors should take advantage of these opportunities, he said and added that there was a conducive environment for investment in Punjab. Domestic and foreign investors were being given all possible investment facilities under one roof. He said that there was a great potential in the textile sector and Economic difficulties could be reduced by promoting this important sector.