WSSCA initiates special operation for city cleanup after PHC ban on dumping ground

ABBOTTABAD: To address the city's cleanliness concerns, Water and Sanitation Service Company Abbottabad (WSSCA) Wednesday launched a comprehensive cleanup operation within the next twenty-four hours in the city.The decisive move comes following a Thursday ruling by the Peshawar High Court (PHC) Abbottabad Bench, which imposed a ban on waste dumping at Salhad solid waste dumping ground WSSCA. Consequently, WSSCA Abbottabad swiftly responded by initiating the removal of garbage from the streets and redirecting it to designated locations.To ensure a clean and stable environment for city residents, special operations will now involve dumping waste at alternative sites.WSSCA spokesperson Umar Swati, shared insights during a media interaction, highlighting the identification of alternative locations for waste disposal.He said that we are grateful for the cooperation and support from stakeholders, municipal representatives, and citizens of Abbottabad during this challenging time, Swati emphasized the collec tive effort needed for a successful cleanup.He said that WSSCA has been proactive in its waste management approach, opting for modern scientific sites rather than traditional dumping grounds.The spokesperson disclosed that as part of a comprehensive project, a proposal to construct a Solid Waste Treatment Plant for PKR 3.666 billion was approved under the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Cities Improvement Project (KPCIP).This forward-looking initiative aims to commence soon, signalling a paradigm shift in waste management practices.In line with the approved project, WSSCA has acquired 416 Kanals and 9 marlas of land in Dhamtour Dutar for the construction and operation of the Solid Waste Treatment Plant.Umar Swati affirmed the commitment to fully implementing the High Court's orders and praised the development of an alternative solution to address the city's waste management challenges.