SIU arrests three robbers, recovers pistols

KARACHI:Special Investigation Unit (SIU), Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) Karachi Police arrested three alleged accused involved in robberies outside banks and ATMs and injuring citizens during robberies.

According to an official on Friday, the SIU, on a tip off netted the gang on a tip off from Mubina Town and Gulistan e Jauhar. The arrested were identified as Kamran Mangi, Abdul Razzaq and Muhammad Akram alias Ikram.

The arrested were involved in robbing people coming out of banks with cash and ATMs in different areas of the city and injuring people for resisting the robberies.

During the initial interrogation, the accused revealed that accused Abdul Razzaq used to inform his associates about the people who withdrew huge cash from bank, whereas his accomplices robbed these citizens on their way. They confessed committing robberies in Sohrab Goth and Gulshan Iqbal.

All the arrested accuseds have been arrested many times earlier as well and hold criminal records.

The SIU also recovered three illegal pistols from their possession. Cases had been registered and further investigations were underway.